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Work Samples

Senior Year

Video Game Design 2 Game Concept

I created a slides presentation for a game concept. Sadly this wasn't put into realization, but I'm still proud of what I've come up with.

AP Calculus BC Final Project

Here we're making a project that has to be related to calculus. In this I'm proving the formula hypervolume for a 4D hypersphere.


Acceptance Letters

Junior Year

AP Computer Science Principles

The AP exam involved creating a digital portfolio. Basically, we are to create a program that displayed our knowledge in basic core concepts in programming. I created a pathfinder.

Chemistry Geometrical Forces

We were to make a project displaying our knowledge in geometrical forces. I decided to make mine in the style of a formal research paper.


Sophomore Year

CP English 2 Word Art

This was an assignment to introduce ourselves to our teacher, Mr. Kelly. The meaning behind our name was also required. I think I did pretty well.

CP English 2 Career Research

I was made to study about my future career and why I wanted it. This is another formal writing.


Freshman Year

AP Environmental Science PSA

This assignment had us create a PSA for a particular issue. Our group decided to create PSA around robberies. I was the video editor for this.

Vietnamese 1 Advertisement

We were to create an advertisement for a product. I was once again the video editor for this.

Vietnamese 1 Weather Report

Here we're creating a weather report in viet. Surprisingly, I was the video editor for this as well.

CP English 1 Autobiographical Incident

Here I write about an incident that happened to me in my life. I chose to write about the time I "hacked" a computer at a summer club.

CP English 1 Of Mice and Men Essay

This is a more formal writing about the novel Of Mice and Men.

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